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Email or phone Lena:
office at lenaappel dot se
070-77 130 33

50 × 70 cm paper format
approx. 40 × 46 cm image format
Print run: 25 copies
Price: SEK 2,600
Prices exclusive of VAT at 12% and shipping

70 × 100 cm paper format
approx. 50 × 80 cm image format
Print run: 25 copies
Price: SEK 3,600 exclusive of VAT at 12% and shipping

100 × 130 cm paper format
approx. 80 × 100 cm. image format
Print run: 5 copies
Price: SEK 7,000 exclusive of VAT at 12% and shipping

Prints are signed and numbered.

The prints are Fine Art-printed on Hahnemüle German Etching paper, 310 g by

SMALL and MEDIUM sizes fit commercially available frames

I use mixed techniques, mainly on paper and canvas. I deliberately mix different materials, and because of my great interest in gardening and nature I create naturalistic depictions and completely new species. This generates a rich flora of differences and characters.

The formats in the studio are often large. To make it easier to present and disseminate my pictures, I use a graphic technique called giclée.

”Giclée, giclée fine art, fine art printing, is an artistic graphic technique using inkjet printing. The method was conceived in France and the USA by combining the old traditional inkjet method with the latest digital technology, and it is used for the production of graphic art in limited series. The giclée method enables artists to offer their artworks in small editions, with high print quality.”
Swedish Wikipedia

Lena Appel på Myntan i Nyköping

Myntan retirement home in Nyköping

Lena Appel Nyköpings lasarett

Underground passage at Nyköping Hospital

“Going down underground and finding the light on the walls instils confidence and hope. What will I discover today among the whole and the details? What colour and shape will attract my attention? And I know that the white flowers are there, always. They give me the strength to climb the stairs and meet those who are ill and those who are sad. The white flowers help me find comforting actions.”

Lotta Öhman de Boer, nurse at Nyköping Hospital